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Abstract® Software was established and founded in April 2012 and registered as an official Jordanian firm. It's a small temperate design and development studio for software productions and services; serving industries and institutions from various sectors including nongovernmental, private, international and other organizations across the Middle East and the world.

The firm aims to be one of the leading interactive development studios in the Middle East and the industry. It's looking to employ a professional, high caliber, skilled, and motivated team starting from 2D and 3D artists, and highly skilled developers, to handle all aspects of modern development life cycle, from concept to production.

Abstract® Software is proudly leading its vision of JIT (Jordanian Information Technology) initiative since May, 2014 as being the exclusive sponsor of JIT campaign through promoting, marketing and branding Jordan as the Middle East or perhaps the world leader in the IT (Information Technology) industry.

We're not only skilled but also highly motivated to stand tall to the expectation set by you, we're committed to provide the right solution to meet your specific development needs.

Development without borders is our nature; no constrains on place or technology. It's not, any more, about number of projects accomplished so far, it's not about number of hired staff, and it's not about the phisycal size of the working environment. The area of our office is 47 m2 and its structure is designed especially to direct supervision the team by the boss; No middleman of any kind in between. We advice you, the client, that don't trust words and trust only actions.

For payment through bank:
Our bank account is at JIB (Jordan Islamic Bank), Wasfi At-Tall street branch, No. 14857

Officially, Abstract® Software is:

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Experience the joy of becoming a member of Abstract® Software. Start at the bottom of our ladder and work your way up, facing challenge after challenge, and never backing down from even the most difficult tasks and projects.

Join us as a/an:


Abstract® Software offers and hires full-time and part-time employment contracts.
Our full-time employees are enjoying several advantages such as Social Security, Health insurance, and the daily Nongshim!

Handle the biggest responsibilities, work on your own, and submit tasks before deadlines within the range of our terms and conditions. You must have good communication, organization, task management abilities, and timely and assertive follow up skills.

From time to time, there is a space for doing some free of charge projects for individuals and NPC (Non-Profit Companies).*

*Certain conditions must be met first.

Have a special training at Abstract® Software campaign in order to join the market easily. Train and level up yourself hardly to increase your abilities across the board, that should unlock and unleash new genres for you.

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